The "Bongo Fury" tour

27-04-1975 Boston early

part 1 - part 2

Token of my Extreme
I'm Not Satisfied
Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy
Velvet Sunrise
Pound for a Brown
Sleeping in a Jar
Poofter's Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead
Echidna's Arf (Of You)
Don't You Ever Wash That Thing
Advance Romance
Willie the Pimp

FZ, Denny Walley, Captain Beefheart, Tom Fowler, Terry Bozzio, Napoleon Murphy Brock, George Duke, Bruce Fowler


1980 AAAFNRAA medley

30-11-1980 Civic Center, Des Moines

Hey-ho, this is an offer from Germany! Danke!

(The sickest songlist you've ever seen. In the 'medley', FZ orders the band to play randomly chosen songs, and most of the selections are far from complete or well-rehearsed.)

You Are What You Is
Love Of My Life
Magic Fingers
The Blue Light
Tinsel Town Rebellion
Pick Me I'm Clean
Dead Girls Of London (incl. Royal March from Aida)
Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously?
City Of Tiny Lites (q: It Ain't Necessarily So)
The Torture Never Stops
AAAFNRAA Medley (incl. White Christmas, Watkin's Ale, Stella By Starlight, Harbor Lights, My Sharona / Ave Maria, My Sharona / Funiculi Funicula, Lassie, Theme From "I Love Lucy", Black Magic Woman, Macho Man, In The Navy, Improvisation Full Of Landini Cadenzes, guitar solo, Oh! Susanna, The Warren Zevon Songbook, AAAFNRAA No Problem, Drum Solo, In-A-Gadda-Da-Voodoo Butter)
Heavy Duty Judy
Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
I'm So Cute
Andy (incl. My Sharona, Funiculi Funicula, Light Cavalry Overture)
Joe's Garage
Dancin' Fool
The Illinois Enema Bandit (incl. Sweet Leilani)

FZ, Ike Willis, Steve Vai, Ray White, Arthur Barrow, Vinnie Colaiuta, Tommy Mars, Bob Harris


Z-Share for Zappa!

Hey, everybody! Like these downloads? Would like some more? There sure will be, but how about some collaborating? Here's what I think:

There's a show you like (it should be a whole show, if possible). You upload it somewhere on the net, and send it here: lamarrbruister@gmail.com. It would be nice if you'd send a picture from the year the show was recorded, and the tracklist (and maybe the quality).

Z-Share for Zappa! Use z-share! Easy to use - and easy to download. So: you send me a link, I put it there, and we all enjoy!

Wayne 1973

11-11-73 Wayne early

part 1 - part 2

soundcheck intro
Dupree's Paradise
Pygmy Twylyte
The Idiot Bastard Son
Inca Roads
Dickie's Such An Asshole
I'm The Slime
Big Swifty

FZ, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Tom Fowler, George Duke, Ruth Underwood, Bruce Fowler, Ralph Humphrey, Chester Thompson