Wayne 1973

11-11-73 Wayne early

part 1 - part 2

soundcheck intro
Dupree's Paradise
Pygmy Twylyte
The Idiot Bastard Son
Inca Roads
Dickie's Such An Asshole
I'm The Slime
Big Swifty

FZ, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Tom Fowler, George Duke, Ruth Underwood, Bruce Fowler, Ralph Humphrey, Chester Thompson


Anonymous said...

Hi all! Thanks for the shows!

It's interesting that I do have this show, with some edits though, but there is Irma Coffee singing in Pygmy Twylyte. Here the sound quality is not the best, the tape is slipping here and there.

Does anyone have the complete show, without slipping and WITH Irma Coffee?

Anonymous said...

yes, this is what FZshows says:

1973 11 11 - William Paterson College, Wayne, NJ
Early show
80 min, Aud, B-
65 min, SBD, A-/B+
The SBD, which is missing the intro and Montana, is commonly circulating with the missing AUD portions edited in. Sometimes it has also circulated with some of the "UN-Concert" (see the unreleased page) edited in as well. The Aud recording has nasty speed wobbles.

soundcheck intro, Montana, improvisations, Dupree's Paradise (q: T'Mershi Duween), Pygmy Twylyte, The Idiot Bastard Son, Cheepnis, Inca Roads, Dickie's Such An Asshole, I'm The Slime, Big Swifty

This must be tha AUD version then. The SDB, anyone?...

Harmless Ted said...

Historic interest only! Sound quality is awful :-(

gkapageridis said...

I there any chance for a repost?. I'm sure many will appreciate that.
Thank you in advance.