Grenoble 88

19-05-1988 Grenoble, France

The Black Page
Trouble Every Day
Penguin In Bondage
Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel
Cosmik Debris
Dupree's Paradise
Let's Move To Cleveland
Find Her Finer
Filthy Habits
Chana In De Bushwop
Who Needs The Peace Corps?
Easy Meat
King Kong
Bamboozled By Love
Peaches En Regalia
Stairway To Heaven
Elvis Has Just Left The Building

FZ, Ike Willis, Mike Keneally, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman, Ed Mann, Bobby Martin, Bruce Fowler, Walt Fowler, Paul Carman, Albert Wing, Kurt McGettrick

Pat Buzby’s review:

„Judging from the reviews I've received, it seems that the run of shows in Spain and France is the lowpoint of a generally excellent May '88. However, Grenoble may be the best of this stretch. After a "Black Page" opener featuring the MAJNH solo (I can hardly imagine what the selection process must have been like for a cut like this), we get a reminder that the Trouble/Penguin/Hotel medley has changed in Europe from filler into an improvisational highlight, thanks to the 13 vamp in "Trouble," FZ's decision to vary things by letting Keneally take the "Penguin" break, and the dependably bizarre "Hotel" outings. Tonight's Secret Word ("hoop," later mutating into "poop"), apparently derives from a botched cue in "Penguin" just before the "hoop of real fire" line.
After a Secret Word-enhanced "Cosmik Debris," the "Dupree's"/"Cleveland" combo gives the expected supply of jazzy energy. (Another reason why this month is ahead of the others.) FZ's "Cleveland" break is one of the most substantial (or, at least, one of the longest) of '88. The rest of the set benefits from several unusual choices - "Filthy Habits," "Chawna" (wild sax solo), and the '88 debut of the old Tinseltown Rebellion fave "Easy Meat." FZ's solos on this last number never compete with the old versions, but the horns sound great in the "classical" section. "King Kong" offers a good Bruce solo and an extended episode of percussion/sound effect jamming, getting some nice musical textures out of the familiar array of samples before moving on to "Sharleena."

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gkapageridis said...

This was the last super great band the Master had and i' m sure this show is going to prove it. Enjoy my friends. All the best.