Frankie and Shankie in Berlin

1978 09 07 - Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany
110 min, Aud, B+
With L. Shankar (*).

The Purple Lagoon
Dancin' Fool
Easy Meat
Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?
Keep It Greasey
Village Of The Sun
The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
City Of Tiny Lights
A Pound For A Brown
The Deathless Horsie* (q: Mystery Tune)
Bobby Brown
Conehead* (incl. Mo's Vacation*)
Magic Fingers
Yellow Snow Suite
Bamboozled By Love (corrupted - sorry)

Opinion by Globual here.

FZ, Ike Willis, Denny Walley, Arthur Barrow, Vinnie Colaiuta, Ed Mann, Tommy Mars, Peter Wolf.


Harmless Ted said...

Got to love Vinnie. Great concert!

gkapageridis said...

Well I'm a big fan of Shankar and this make this show more interesting (to say the least) than many others. I' ve all of his ECM records and of course his Dead Girls of London album with the one and only Frank. Thanks once again for one more special post.