Grand Wazoo

16-09-1972 London

Long Soundcheck/intro
Big Swifty
The Adventures Of Greggery Peccary
The Grand Wazoo
Dog Meat
Penis Dimension
Regyptian Strut

FZ, Tony Duran, Jerry Kessler, Dave Parlato, Jim Gordon, Tom Raney, Ruth Underwood, Ian Underwood, Bruce Fowler, Malcolm McNabb, Tom Malone, Earle Dumler, Glenn Ferris, Sal Marquez, Ken Shroyer, Mike Altschul, Joanne McNabb, Jay Migliori, Ray Reed, Charles Owens


Jake said...

Why RapidShare? It's too valuable music to wait so much...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jake!
What else?...
yousendit lasts only for one week.

But: you can also add your DL-link here in the coments to help others! Or give a suggestions to the webmasters, what to use.