Might It Be The Most Powerful Show Ever Played And Recorded By FZ & Associates?

1981 11 21 - Assembly Hall, University Of Illinois, Champaign (a.k.a. Urbana), IL
130 min, Aud, B+

part 1 - part 2

Sinister Footwear pt. 2 *
A Pound For A Brown *
Drowning Witch * *
What's New In Baltimore? [parts on FZMTMOP] *
We're Turning Again
Alien Orifice *
Teenage Prostitute
Sinister Footwear pt. 1
Stevie's Spanking *

Cocaine Decisions
Nig Biz *
King Kong *
Sharleena *
Cosmik Debris
Goblin Girl
The Black Page *

Strictly Genteel
The Illinois Enema Bandit *
Brahms's Lullaby

FZ, Steve Vai, Ray White, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman, Ed Mann, Tommy Mars, Bobby Martin

* songs that have an FZ-solo in them.


gkapageridis said...

Well i dont know about that and i'm almost sure that this is not the case . There were surely better bands through the years and is rather difficult to decide if one show deserves to call it better than the rest. Anyway we can say that this is one of the best and that alone is quite enough i believe.
Thanks once more for another special post.

Anonymous said...

Maybe not the most powerful, but definitely a "Holy Shit!" kinda show. Just in terms of song sequence alone, this is a wonderful and unusual show to have on my iPod. I really wish, however, that FZ and his 1976-81 bands would have mixed up the setlists a little more, and engaged in more free improv a la the Dead during the same period. It would also have been nice for FZ to mix up the arrangements like he said he did in the "Real FZ Book," y'know, like trying something REALLY fucked up and attempting a polka arrangement of "Doreen" or a reggae version of "Teenage Prostitute"...or something. I guess FZ didn't realize that we'd be listening obsessively to these shows thirty-odd years down the line and nit-picking about the sameness of the shows from one night to the next. 9sigh) Anyhow, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for keeping FZ's live legacy alive - us hardcore obsessives owe you an enormous debt of gratitude for all the music you've posted. Keep it up!

(AND PS: how about some more winter '78? :))

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Excellent!

Harmless Ted said...

A very good concert! Had not heard this one before; now it's one of my favourites. Thanx, keep them coming!