Bang Your Head in Los Angeles

1984 07 21 - Palace Theater, Los Angeles, CA
95 min, SBD, A-

part 1 - part 2

Treacherous Cretins
Easy Meat
Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy
Advance Romance
He's So Gay
Bobby Brown
Keep It Greasey
Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?
Carol You Fool
Chana In De Bushwop
Let's Move To Cleveland
Tinsel Town Rebellion
Oh No
Trouble Every Day
Penguin In Bondage
Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel

Jungle Boogie (improvisational stuff, on request)
The Closer You Are
No No Cherry


But I surely did! :-)


gkapageridis said...

Thank you once more. Just enjoy as everyone is entitled his opinion and that's about all.

Harmless Ted said...

Great show! Love the vocals! Keep them coming!