The Rest Of Just Another Band From LA 1972

"This was planned as the second LP for 1972's Just Another Band From LA but remains unreleased. This was taken from a promo copy. This has been widely debated as either the second LP for Just Another Band From LA or meant for the Mothers' Fillmore East June 1971. Excellent Soundboard stereo. Some vinyl noise. 40 Minutes."

Vinyl Sourced Soundboard (mp3)

...but the Real Source: FLAC - from Qualitybootz (thanks!)

01. Solos
02. Studebaker Hoch/Don't Fuck Around (JABFLA, with solos)
03. Solos

Frank Zappa, Mark Volman (lead vocals), Howard Kaylan (lead vocals), Ian Underwood (woodwinds, keyboards, vocals), Aynsley Dunbar (drums), Don Preston (keyboards, mini-moog), Jim Pons (bass, vocals)

(Err.. isn't it a bit of a sensation?...)

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gkapageridis said...

One of my all time favourite bands. I've allready got this one but thanks once more for sharing His beloved music